Which California Businesses Are Allowed to Reopen?

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California’s stay-at-home orders are continually modified as Governor Gavin Newsom eases restrictions on the economy. Many businesses are now allowed to reopen as long as they follow a new set of guidelines for operation as the pandemic continues. If you are one of the millions of people wondering what businesses are allowed to reopen, here is an overview:

·  Bars – Bars are allowed to reopen, but employees must wear face coverings and gloves. Background music should be lowered so that communication is easier, and when possible, windows should be open.

·  Campgrounds – Campgrounds are slated to reopen on June 12th. Reservations are encouraged to help control the number of people camping. New guidelines for cleaning and sanitation are also being implemented.

·  Child Care – Child care facilities are reopening with evolving guidelines for health, safety, and social distancing.

·  Day Camps – Summer camps are allowed to reopen on June 12th. Camps will be limiting the number of campers and implementing social distancing.

·  Entertainment – Starting June 12th, Californians can enjoy movie theaters, bowling, batting cages, and miniature golf. There are capacity and social distancing guidelines.

·  Gyms – Gyms are only allowed to reopen if they require visitors to wear a face covering and utilize more stringent disinfection practices.

·  Hotels – Hotels have only been allowed to house essential workers or homeless individuals during the pandemic. Starting June 12th, hotels in some counties will be allowed to reopen for tourism. These hotels must screen tourists for symptoms and close shared food or ice machines.

·  Music, Television, and Film Production – Productions are allowed to resume no sooner than June 12th. Only businesses in counties with attestation from the state will reopen.

·  Professional Sports – Pro sports team training and competing will resume on June 12th. It is unclear if/when live audiences will be allowed to participate.

·  Places of Worship – Places of worship can reopen for in-person services at 25% capacity or a maximum of 100 congregants.

·  Salons and Barbershops – Some counties are allowing salons and barbershops to reopen. These businesses must require face coverings and social distancing.

As the economy continues to reopen, we can expect more guidance on reopening and what guidelines we can expect to follow. If you need legal advice for your business, contact our law firm in Long Beach today.